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Your New Favorite Beach Playlist

Some of our favorite tunes that the south tropica family compiled as “must haves” for any beach trip.

Your New Favorite Beach Playlist

A good and successful time at the beach consists of a few things.. good sun, good surf, great company, and last but not least, some really good tunes and that is why we have put together a soundtrack of our favorite songs to play at the beach

Most other beach playlist have a ton of reggae or thrash songs.. which is completely appropriate for the occasion but our playlist has more upbeat yet chilled out tunes. Most songs are Surf Rock or Indie-Pop but are just as vibey as the reggae stuff. It has some classics from Real Estate, Local Natives, Hippo Campus, as well as tracks from LANY, St. Lucia, The Griswolds, Atlas Genius, and many more!

Really stoked about this playlist! Its all of our favorite songs put together into one place. Next time you driving to the beach, or anywhere with water for that matter, be sure to put on this playlist to set the mood! Make it easier for yourself to find by “following” it on Spotify because this playlist is updated weekly.

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