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The Ghost Ship of Melbourne Beach

An ode to the innocent Cuki that washed up on the shore of Spessard Holland South in Melbourne beach. (view video below)

The Ghost Ship of Melbourne Beach


It’s pretty obvious where the inspiration for The Ghost Ship tee came from. The poor little sailboat that was cut lose in Key West during Hurricane Irma and took a quick little cruise over to Melbourne Beach.

Got together with some of our closest friends on a Saturday to hang out and inevitably ended up at the beach.. regardless of it being 64°F (yes it we were freezing and no we can’t remember whose idea it was). Decided to swing by good old Cuki to find it being swarmed by people swinging from it and taking pictures, per usual. Anyway, we had a blast there and ended the day at Big Island Burrito.

To view the video us hanging out at the ghost ship, keep scrolling down! Don’t forget to give everyone in the video a follow at @carlythegnarly, @jerm_wub, and @chadrebrovic. Also, huge thanks to Austin Shupe at @lifelikeview for the aerial photography.

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